“K.O.F is Hip hop peppered with Dance, Funk, & Jazz. A 21st century A Tribe Called Quest and N.E.R.D delivered by The Beastie Boys playing Video Games”

Members: Spencer ‘Spence’ Gallardo, Aditya ‘Deetch’ Madan,

Cordell ‘Mr. Cozgrove’ Martin, and Yazmine ‘Yaz’ Granthon

Early 2000s. Busy, bustling New York City. Imagine yourself, riding on the E train heading Downtown, sitting on a rooftop in Brooklyn, or cruising down Roosevelt Ave in Flushing, Queens. You hear a faint sound pull-up in the car next to you. As it slowly reaches the red light, the sounds of futuristic hip-hop grace your ears.

Today K.O.F. has proven to be a driven and eclectic group currently wrapping up their sophomore album “Solaire”.

Founded by members Deetch and Spence while freestyling in the back of Spencer’s car, K.O.F. is a hip-hop group heavily influenced by dance, funk, and jazz. With the help of KOFLabs TV, a YouTube blog established in 2011, the group released artist profiles, freestlyes, and mad leaks that received a comparable level of success reaching audiences around the globe. From here, third member Mr. Cozgrove joined the group after meeting Spencer at a shipping and packaging center. Under the direction and stylings of Mr. Cozgrove, the birth of the “48 Hours” mixtape was recorded in early 2012. Their debut album, “Knocking Out the Future”, quickly followed in early 2013 landing K.O.F. their debut performance at NYC’s legendary Pyramid Club.In late 2013 began production for “Solaire”, a project of new beginnings, introducing their fourth and final member Yazmine, a classical born musician from Miami, Florida. While wrapping up their sophomore album, the group continues to set the bar high by creating fresh ideas, maintaining positive outcomes, and using different skillsets from different characters.Up until this day, each member is sworn to secrecy on the “real” meaning of the acronym K.O.F…


Adi “Deetch” Madan

Cordell Martin

Spencer Gallardo

Yazmine ‘Yaz’ Granthon