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Big Buildings and prettygirls


Fresh out the oven!

Listen to Big Buildings and Pretty Girls:


Big Apple Flavor.



Finished Recording Big Buildings and Pretty Girls

BBPG post

Thanks to everyone who came out last night. We had the honor to meet Hip-Hop/Electro-rap pioneer Afrika Bambaataa at Sound Clash NYC studios while recording Big Buildings and Pretty Girls. A good sign and much love to Universal Zulu Nation. Stayed tuned to to hear the final mix.

Solaire Behind the Scenes

A clip of us(KOF) working on our latest song solaire, it’s most-definite going to be one of the best 2013 songs out. Stay tuned and check our sound cloud for it’s release.

On Itunes!

Hey you already know to check out!
Check out our 2012 CD:


Freezing out here!! Gotta break out soon down to Miami or Mexico!

We’re working on 4 shows/ live events for from Feb to April with collaborating artists.
Keep you posted. Tribeca, Revisit Pyramid, 2 others venues in talk.

Danny’s comming┬áback soon!

from Vacay!

check out one of our shows a from last year.